About Us

Who We Are

The Mufasa Coaching Practice was launched in 2007 out of a desire to empower the existing South African Mentors and Business Coaches International (MBCI) accredited coaches (MBC’s) to have a greater impact in the South African marketplace.

Mufasa brings greater unity to the existing network of MBC’s who:

  • Undergo careful screening, selection and training
  • Are well equipped with powerful MBCI tools and methodologies
  • Undergo continuous professional development
  • Have national representation
  • Practice coaching as a personal lifestyle and not just a career.

What We Do

Mufasa provides services in business coaching, executive coaching and life coaching as well as other consulting services to government, corporates and owner-managed businesses.

What will surprise you about Mufasa is that we are more than an organisation, we are a family. When interacting with us you will not interact with an individual but a team. We bring you collective wisdom through a coaching methodology which is all about action centred leadership; that is we focus on achieving the task, building the team and building the individual.

The Mufasa Coaching Practice could do the following for you and your business…

  • Clarify your vision and help you to implement strategy to achieve your goals and your vision
  • Bring about self-awareness
  • Align the values of your staff with the values of your business
  • Empower you to take responsibility for change
  • Eliminate values conflicts in your life allowing you to live a more fulfilled life
  • Build your self-esteem, self-confidence and generate in you a winning mindset
  • Enhanced your negotiation skills
  • Develop you into a successful role model
  • Renewed motivation
  • Increased focus on, and assistance with, organizational and personal planning

  • Improved interpersonal skills
  • Provide different viewpoints and ideas that will challenge existing paradigms
  • Bring about awareness of your strengths and how to best utilise them
  • Bring about an awareness of weaknesses and shortcomings and strategies to overcome them
  • Facilitate a greater sense of purpose and workplace satisfaction
  • Uncover insights into the culture, roles and ‘local’ rules within your own organization
  • Provide an objective source of advice without any other agenda but to see you succeed in reaching your goals
  • Greater networking opportunities
  • Empowerment and independent assessment of performance

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Our Purpose

Our purpose is to coach individuals and organizations to uncover their true potential and to build their confidence in implementing strategy towards fulfilling their purpose.

Our Vision

Our vision is to build the largest professional coaching organization in Africa which sets the trends for coaching practice and brings about transformation in the marketplace by assisting clients to achieve greater self-awareness and clarity of vision, empowering them to develop strategy and to take responsibility for change and generating in them a ‘winning’ mindset.

Our Values

• Service Excellence
• Integrity
• Passion
• Expertise

  • Postal Address: P.O.Box 16059, Atlasville, 1465, South Africa
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